When you look up customer service in the dictionary, I am sure you will find a photo of Heather Brokaw. She is among the best customer service people I have ever met. Her attention to detail is phenomenal. Follow up and her handling and resolving problems gives me real comfort, knowing that my properties are managed so efficiently. She is professional, she has an amazing resource of vendors and service people. She has years of hands on experience. She knows how to get the job done.
— Peg H. Cape Coral, Florida
As my property manager for the last two years in Cape Coral Florida, Mr. Grzesiak was an exemplary manager. He is diligent and is able meet the needs of clients efficiently. He will go above and beyond to ensure the best outcome for his client. I would use his services again without reservation.
— Margarita C. Cape Coral, FL
During Heather’s employment she managed over $30 million in property and six employees in the office. Heather was instrumental in increasing the customer base and volume of revenue for her office, as well as working diligently to resolve problem areas.

During my twenty five years as CEO I had a core of managers that I would work with each day in forming and structuring the growth and future of the company. Heather was one of those key managers and part of the core group. I would highly recommend Heather as a great asset to any company. She brings with her a positive attitude, along with a cheerful and energetic personality.
— Randy B. – Fort Myers Florida
I am so happy to be able to refer my customers to Homewatch Solutions, Inc. services! With Heather and Dan’s combined years of experience managing properties, there is no one I would rather recommend. Their knowledge of exactly what to look for, attention to detail, quick response time and honesty and integrity are all the things property owners need to feel confident when leaving their homes for any length of time. It is so nice to have them as professionals I feel confident in recommending to my customers and friends!
— Toni Shoemaker Royal Shell Real Estate
“Heather Brokaw is extremely passionate about her homeowners. Their well being and best interest is in the forefront of her mind at all times. As a Realtor, I have referred several clients to her and they always express gratitude for the suggestion. If it were my own personal property, I would only entrust it to Heather Brokaw with Homewatch Solutions Inc.”

— Heather Maciaszek-Keller Williams Fort Myers & The Islands

I have a condo in Gateway and have been using Homewatch Solutions, Inc. to watch our condo when we are away. It is such a relief to know our place is secure and free from problems. “Thanks Homewatch Solutions, Inc.!”

Roberta - Gateway Homeowner
We are very pleased with the services provided by HOMEWATCH SOLUTIONS, INC.
They are consistent and professional in their approach and have taken good care of our home in Florida. They were quick to respond to special requests when threatening weather was in the forecast and they communicate regularly. We highly recommend their services.
Bruce & Jennifer M - Gateway Homeowner
We have used Homewatch Solutions, Inc. for 8 months now and have been very impressed with their service and commitment.
Brian & Laura G. - Alva Homeowner

As new home-owners here in Southwest Florida, we were concerned that this new investment would be unoccupied for much of the year as long as we were not choosing to make this our permanent home.

Our realtor referred us to HOMEWATCH SOLUTIONS, INC, operated by friends of hers.  We followed her advice and have not only been pleased with the way these folks go about their business, but we also now count them as friends.

Residing “UP North” during the summer months, one can’t always be sure of mechanicals operating normally and security concerns are always an issue.  We were very comfortable knowing that they were in our house on a regular basis, testing systems, checking doors along with any mail being left at the address and generally being aware of the state of our investment.

We came to expect that regular report after each visit, and they never failed to document their visit, always including a personal greeting that seemed to say “you are important to us”.

We never hesitate to contact them directly with questions, and have even coordinated a shipment of merchandise to the property prior to our return to Florida for the winter.

We are happy to recommend Dan Grzesiak & Heather Brokaw to you as you consider a way you might protect your investment.  We know they will do a fine job, just as they have for us. 

Steve and Eleanor , Ft. Myers, FL